Career Exploration for High School Students 

Bringing real-world career exposure to high school students by facilitating conversations with early professionals. 

Personalized Advice from Personal Experiences

From those who 'walked the path' to those at the beginning of their journey, experiences that are passed down are personable and truthful, helping to make the most informed decision. 

Matching with Options 

Advisors are chosen for their diverse backgrounds from different career trajectories and pre-vetted before onboarding. Matches are made based on the highest relatability with the students while also not limiting their wishes to explore their own dreams and passions.. 

Organizing the Calendar

Career Exploration at the Student's Choice and Flexibility

Student creates their own timeline in planning for their future. No matter you're in freshman year or senior year, the beginning of the school year, or in summer, weekdays, or weekends, our advice will always be timely and relevant. 


"Kledio is inspired by my own experiences as a first-generation student navigating the future after high school. It is further reinforced 8 years later by my younger brother who faced the same problem and did not find support within his immediate peers. I am building Kleido to inspire, inform and enable students at the earliest stage. "

- Anna Bao, Founder at Kleido

Want to share your story with high school students?

Every journey is different and worth telling. Sharing your story and insights can make a significant difference to high school students before they take any career path. Kleido is making it easy to do so at your time and flexibility for maximum personalized impact.