Career Exposure and Exploration for High School Students 

Get exposed to careers of your interests and explore career pathways by conversing directly with young professionals. 

Structure and Guidance

Before, during, and after the sessions, strucure is provided to explore at your own pace and guidance needs. 

Maximize Exposure

Get exposed to industries and jobs you have heard of and never heard of. Get exposed to professionals with traditional and untraditional trajectories. 

Personal and Relateable

A customized experience to explore all of your interests, with advisors who are diverse, relevent and relatable. 

Know Early, Plan Early

Expand or narrow down your options, make immediate or long term decisions, plan for a future your wanted. 

Anywhere, Anytime

Meet your advisors online and  schedule your sessions at a time that works with your school and extracurricular schedules. 

Real-life, Real Experiences

Converse with advisor who were in the same shoes as you are and hear their story from high school onwards. 

How does it works?

What our students say

Mariel, Senior, First Meeting

My experience with Kleido has been extraordinary! My advisor introduced me to new ideas I would never have thought of before and I am so thankful to have had this experience.

Liam, Junior, First Meeting 

Setting up my first meeting was simple and easy. I'm genuinely surprised at how much I learned from just one video chat. Not only did I gain specific career information, but also advice on what to do while still in high school. Overall, it was a great experience, and I'm looking forward to my next one!

Teddy, Senior, Third Meeting

Kleido  has given me the confidence, knowledge, and security I need to pursue a career in finance. I've learned immensely from talking to industry professionals and leaders, but also gained valuabe skills in doing so..."

What our parents say

Jay, Parent to a Senior

Kleido was a tremendous help to my daughter as she was putting together her post-high school map. Kleido helped her understand that there are multiple paths into the law as well as more options in practice than she ever realized. She now has the confidence to expore her intersts as a undergrad and she will be able to apply them in what is a more varied field than she ever realzied. 

Frequently asked questions

How much does this cost and how long is an advising session?

We operate in sessions and for our 1-1 sessions, we charge $75 per session, with each session to run about half an hour.

I have a lot of questions, what advice will my advisor be able to give me?

All our advisors have had different experiences leading them to where they are now and so each will have unique advice to offer. If you have trouble figuring out where to start you can use the question bank we send you when you match with an advisor as inspiration. Students often find that the conversation naturally will prompt questions they previously hadn’t thought about as well. Lastly, we expect all students and advisors to follow a code of conduct that requires questions to remain friendly, professional, and respectful.

Can I meet my advisor in person?

Kleido only facilitates video sessions and does not sponsor or recommend in person sessions.

Will I be able to have multiple sessions with the same advisor?

Kleido’s mission is to bring career exposure and enable career exploration and so we look to help students meet with an array of advisors to explore different interests or even the same interest. With this in mind, Kleido does not currently facilitate sessions with the same advisor, you will only be matched with the same advisor once, but you can choose to reconnect to or choose an advisor through our future product offerings.

I’m not really sure what my career interests are at this point, is that ok?

Totally! Part of Kleido’s mission is to make career exposure more accessible and especially for those exploring many different paths. Our suggestion would be to pick one or two you think you may like, and if after an advising session you realize you want to try something else just update your profile interests and we’ll match you with a new advisor.

Can I pick my advisor myself?

The matching engine will take a variety of factors into account such as background, interested industries and skills etc. based on both student and advisor’s input. We are working to launch a self selection product in the future.

I’d love a session but I’m afraid I can’t afford it. Is there another option for me?

Kleido is determined to bring career exploration to any student who wants it. Sign up and indicate your need on our interest form here and we will notify you when we have space in our scholarship fund.

I have more questions, can I talk with someone?

Of course, please find a time with us here!