Why we believe career exposure and exploration are important

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How it started

Throughout high school and college, we never had meaningful career conversations that expose us to the work and day-to-day responsibilities we were headed into. We didn't know what a copywriter, software engineer, financial analyst, etc. did beyond the written job descriptions. There is a world out there with ever-changing job opportunities that we never heard of, yet our paths were chosen based on what we think we know, leaving too much room for disappointment and frustration.

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Our mission

We enable students to discover possibilities and take ownership of their careers. We are building a personalized, student-centric experience that maximizes career exposure at an earlier age and diversifies career paths to empower a more informed working world.

Our awesome features
Our team

Collectively, we have decades of experience in education and leverage our learnings from our personal career paths and from designing thousands of skill-based pathways, working with traditional and non -traditional students.