Why we believe career exposure and exploration are important

Our awesome features
How it started

Kleido was born out of confusion and 20/20 hindsight. Despite having gone to esteemed high schools and colleges, we never had career exposure that gave us real insight into the work and day-to-day responsibilities we were headed into. We didn't know what a copywriter, software engineer, financial analyst, etc. did beyond the written job descriptions. Our paths were chosen based on general concepts that left too much room for disappointment and frustration.

Our awesome features
Our mission

To address these issues, we set out to bring career exploration to high school students, directly from young professionals with their desired experiences. We provide students clarity on what certain jobs are really like in our ever-evolving world. We are building a personalized, student-centric experience that maximizes career exposure at an earlier age and diversifies career paths. We strive to build a more empowered and informed working world.

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