Advisor's Perspective

Why I Chose to Be a Kleido Advisor

Hear from Klevin, who has now had multiple advising sessions, on why he chose to become a Kleido advisor. 

I Wish I Had Kleido When I Was Younger

I really wish I had more resources prior to coming to college. My father was a business owner and so I had a lot of exposure to the hustle and grind that it is to own a small business. I realized I was interested in a combination of business and science. I chose to study science in school, biochemistry, but it wasn’t until college and my first job out of college that I really appreciated how venture capital blends business and technology. I wish I had been able to have that insight and understanding sooner.

How Kleido Differs:

Maximizing My Impact

For an advisor, Kleido makes it extremely easy to connect with and impact a young student’s learning. I’m really grateful for the impactful connections and relationships I’ve had growing up with different figures in my life, my education and career certainly wouldn’t have been the same without them. I want to reciprocate and pay it back in a sense - and I have before Kleido, occasionally through LinkedIn or email reach outs - but Kleido makes it so much simpler for me to share the knowledge that I’ve gained navigating my career path to students. 

Ownership of My Time and Schedule

Something I really enjoy about Kleido that is different from other forms of advising is the ability for me to set my time and schedule. My schedule away from Kleido can vary often and so for Kleido to enable me to turn on and off my availability keeps it from ever feeling overwhelming or compulsory. I also get to set the frequency and time windows that I prefer, this gives me further ownership which helps me feel in control of my commitment. 

Paying it Forward

Being able to contribute a portion of my Kleido compensation to the Kleido Forward Fund and help remove any financial hurdles for students who qualify for the assistance broadens my impact beyond just my advising sessions themselves. I believe career exploration and exposure from a young age is so important that I’m happy knowing that I can make an impact beyond just my advising sessions. 

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