Parent's Perspective

Why do teens need more career exploration in high school?

Jay, a parent of two Kleido students, shares his experience with Kleido and why he thinks career exploration and exposure in high school are so beneficial. 

Stress in High School 

I remember when I was in high school I had no idea what I wanted to do for a career. I went through 4 years of college not exactly knowing what I wanted to do and was left with a big “what now?” when I graduated. 

Plotting a course for college and a career is overwhelming. I can understand how students can feel anxious under the collective pressures of their school, family, and community. Having a better idea of how and where to start can make such a difference; it has for my two teens. 

How is Kleido different?

Relatable Advisors

When I graduated college I was fortunate enough to speak with many people deep into successful careers. However, their advice was so aspirational and they were so far along in their careers that it proved difficult for me to distill it into actionable advice as a new graduate. I didn’t need to hear from people in positions I may hold in 30 years, I needed to hear from people in positions where I would be in 5 years. 

Kleido’s done a great job matching my daughters with vetted young professionals in my daughters’ areas of interest. The advice that’s been shared with them has focused on how to start moving towards their goals and then how to move through the next couple years. That, in my opinion, is so useful. 

A Diverse Network of Advisors

Kleido has also helped my daughters access advice outside of me and my wife’s immediate network. Both my daughters happen to have interests outside of my wife and I’s career paths and we really wouldn’t have been able to supply them with the career exploration and exposure that Kleido has. It has both widened my daughters’ understanding of their interests and given them some really valuable ‘aha’ moments. They feel like they understand themselves and their future possibilities more which has given them confidence in their next steps.

Options and Clarity

The sessions that both my daughters had opened their eyes to more possibilities for career paths. They’ve also been able to understand nuances they like about a certain path and how within that path there are variations that would be more interesting to them than others. 

My one daughter came away energized and excited after learning there was a whole breadth of options in her field of interest that she previously didn’t know. My other daughter realized she liked the idea of how projects could be structured within her main career path and how that could change her enjoyment of the field. They both have a better understanding of their interests, where to start, and how to get to where they want to be post-university.

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