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We operate in sessions and for our 1-1 sessions, we charge $75 per session, with each session to run about half an hour.

All our advisors have had different experiences and so each will have unique advice to offer. If you have trouble figuring out where to start you can use the question bank we send you when you match with an advisor as inspiration. Students often find that the conversation naturally will prompt questions they previously hadn’t thought about as well. Lastly, we expect all students and advisors to follow a code of conduct that requires questions to remain friendly, professional, and respectful.

Kleido only facilitates video sessions and does not sponsor or recommend in person sessions.

Kleido’s mission is to bring career exposure and enable career exploration and so we recommend students meet with an array of advisors to explore different interests or even the same interest. Kleido does not currently facilitate sessions with the same advisor, you will only be matched with the same advisor once, but keep an eye out for future product offerings as they may enable multiple meetings or choosing your advisor yourself.

Totally! Part of Kleido’s mission is to make career exposure more accessible and especially for those exploring many different paths. Our suggestion would be to pick one or two you think you may like, and if after an advising session you realize you want to try something else, just update your profile interests and we’ll match you with a new advisor.

The matching engine will take a variety of factors into account such as background, interested industries and skills etc. based on both student and advisor’s input. We are working to launch a self selection product in the future.

Kleido is determined to bring career exploration to any student who wants it. Sign up and indicate your need on our interest form and we will notify you when we have a spot for you in our scholarship fund.

Of course, you can reach out through our contact us form and someone from the team will connect with you personally


Kleido feels that it’s best to walk the talk and so our matching engine will take a variety of factors into account such as background, interested industries and skills etc. before matching with a student. All of Kleido’s students are motivated high school students looking to explore their interests. That being said, it is important to remember that, given the age range, students’ comfort speaking with young professionals may vary. The conversation may start slow but don’t be deterred, every student is eager to hear your story and advice.

You will first submit an interest form. We will then review your submission and schedule a 15 min screening interview with you. If we feel Kleido is a fit with you then you will receive an onboarding email welcoming you. We will ask you to fill out a short form with questions which will be used to better match you with students moving forward!

The great thing about Kleido is you get to set your availability according to your schedule as it fluctuates throughout the year. Advise at the frequency that best fits your ever-changing schedule!

Yes! We know your advice is valuable for Kleido’s students and so you will receive payment for your time and advice.

All advising sessions scheduled through Kleido are via live zoom meetings.

Kleido’s mission is to help facilitate and curate career exposure and exploration for high school students. Students do not expect a continued mentor/mentee relationship from meetings and by joining Kleido you are by no means obligating yourself to such a relationship.

Kleido is determined to bring career exposure and exploration to any student who desires it. The reality is however that not all students may be in a financial position to do so. Kleido has enabled advisors to help remove this barrier by giving them the ability to contribute their compensation from Kleido to the fund. The fund is only used to enable students of verified need to partake in Kleido’s platform.

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