Student Perspective

How Kleido helped students take control of their future

Hugo, a Junior in High School, shares his experiences on three Kleido sessions and its impact on how he is approaching college and his career path. 

High expectations and aspirations

I started exploring college and career interests late in my Sophomore year. I wanted to get ahead so to speak because I felt like there was a lot to figure out and if I didn’t get my first steps right then that could mean not having the ability to even get to the next steps. 

How is Kleido different?

A time to explore 

When I started Kleido sessions I thought I wanted to do data science, but after exploring that career more with an advisor and learning from them what the day to day was really like, I’ve realized my interest may be more mechanical engineering or computer science. I’m now using Kleido to both explore mechanical engineering and computer science while also figuring out what I can do this summer to get ahead. 

Taking ownership 

My parents grew up and attended university in Brazil. There, a single test determines where you go and what you can do. Here in the U.S. it is obviously very different. Kleido has really helped me understand what I can do to set myself up for success both in school and in my career. It has allowed me to take ownership of my path and direct my actions versus allowing others to dictate what I do and want. 

On my schedule

Kleido has been great at allowing me to balance my career exploration with my school work and hobbies. I’ve been able to schedule sessions when I have the time in my schedule and then take some time to further act on some of the advice before having another session. It is a great balance for me so I know I have the time to both prepare for sessions and react to sessions in a way that enables me to get the most out of them. 

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